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2.1 Frequently Asked Questions

It says undefined reference to `GUINT16_FROM_LE'

Your glib library is obsolete. Be sure to have recent glib which can be downloaded on the following URL.

Be sure to issue make clean in Surprise source tree after upgrading your glib otherwise the compilation errors won't fix.

Error during link regarding

Please upgrade your e2fsprogs package to some recent version. Try the binary package, if appropriate for your distribution first, please.

When you have errors during compilation of e2fsprogs itself, try the patch distributed with Surprise in /misc/e2fsprogs-1.17-compat.diff:

$ tar xzf e2fsprogs-1.17.tar.gz
$ cd e2fsprogs-1.17
$ patch -sp1 </path/to/surprise/misc/e2fsprogs-1.17-compat.diff
$ ./configure --enable-elf-shlibs
$ make install

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